To begin with:

I am a classically educated professional singer, songwriter/collaborator. Currently teach vocal and piano private lessons at the Hamilton School of Music.

I'm a quirky lady. I studied - with full scholarship - Vocal Performance at U. of Toronto in the 1970s, having completed the practical portion of the (ARCT) Associate Degree in Vocal Performance as well as a piano minor: Level IX. Throughout my development I studied with Violet W. Leach MBFA, in Windsor, ON for 10 years, being examined by the U. of Western Ontario Conservatory of Music; and, before finishing senior matriculation, I was the provincial Silver Medalist at Levels V, VIII, IX in Vocal Performance.

I have spent the lioness' share of my life in the music industry, as a Professional

Musician, Educator, Vocal Arranger, film Actor, Session Singer, Rock/ Folk/Pop band member, Keyboardist/Background Singer, Songwriter, Producer Manager, Record Production Coordinator, Record Label Mediator and Industry Facilitator. 

We sit in the 21st Century, and while my Partner, Nick Blagona and I have adapted to new technologies and concepts in this music industry, I travel alone since his passing in early 2020.

I'd love to share and exchange experiences together.

Pages of discographies, biographic material and such are available upon request

so I won't clutter the canvas.


To share the joy of musical creativity and knowledge with upcoming generations of young and developing talent where and whenever I can.


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